Leo Woman – Virgo Man

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It never ceases to amaze me how casually and gracefully a Leo woman will accept any sort of compliment, worship, or romantic grand gesture. Most women would feel embarrassed or maybe even irritated, but a Leo woman will smartly grin, and her eyes will fill with sparkles, and her face will glow as if she were just given life. Some Leos demand this sort of attention, all of them want it, and not one of them will ever turn it down. That is a Leo fact. Every Leo woman in the world has an overwhelming need to be adored, especially by the man she loves. Here comes the Virgo man who is too shy to even stare into her bold eyes or sing her praises. This man lives in a world of conservative order, and that includes his proclamation of love. He is tranquil and gentle and usually introverted. So, it is not that he does not love her and want to yell it from the rooftops, he just does not want to say the wrong things and humiliate himself in front of this queen.


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