Libra Woman – Scorpio Man

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Scorpio men can be intimidating, but a Libra woman is not easily intimidated. The Libra woman is intelligent, beautiful, and logical. She can make a fair decision about everything except when it comes to the Scorpio man. He is a mystery to her no matter how many years have passed and no matter how hard she tries to figure him out. She is never able to reach a solution when it comes to the secret compartments of his mind and soul. One secret I will let you in on about this man is that he is deeply sensitive behind his façade of self-sufficiency and confidence.   Now, a word of warning to him. Despite her chiming voice, beautiful features, and sparkling dimpled smile, Libra is a masculine Sun Sign, also a Cardinal Sun Sign of leadership.  A smart Scorpio man should understand that this girl, no matter how feminine she is, will not become anyone’s steppingstone. 


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