Taurus Woman – Gemini Man

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The Taurus woman can be the most convincing woman when she is in love. She will use her erotic sensuality, tender affection, rich humor, fantastic homemade food, and not to mention her incredible patience that will have her waiting around for as long as it takes to make it work with the one she deems worthy of her. If she happens to be that she has fallen in love with a Gemini man, there is a good chance that none of her charms worked, but she has no problem sitting around contently until he comes around. In her mind, everything comes to those who wait and love always prevails. As you can see, it would take a lot for this woman to untangle herself from this man, but if it is him she really wants she usually wins. In fact, no matter where they meet along the road of life, they will have to choose which course to take, a marriage or a causal relationship. He will flip a coin and she will use her common sense, but whatever they choose there is not a wrong way.


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