July, 2020

Gemini Woman – Leo Woman

When the Gemini woman first meets her lioness, she will really wonder if she is as fearless as she portrays herself to be. Coincidentally, the Leo woman will wonder if this busy body is trying to compensate for something with all that busy energy. The truth is that...

Who is Lilith?

 Lilith is the Dark Moon Goddess and Dark Feminine. She is a night demon, a monster, a screeching owl in the dark. She is depicted as a beautiful, but dangerous, woman who led men astray with her sexual nature. Lilith appears in one sentence of the Bible as a...

The Leo Boss

A lion’s heart is as big as their ego. This is something you should remember when you have a Leo boss. Most Leos are fabulous organizers and wonderful at delegating tasks, not to mention usually well liked which makes them climb the ranks with ease. They like to paint...

Taurus Woman – Gemini Woman

Taurus women are quiet, steady, patient, and practical people. On occasion, they can be fierce, but they would prefer to remain calm. Her incredible strength and determined staying power is something to be admired. Gemini women, aka the Twins, love being two different...

Leo Woman – Libra Woman

Leo women are good natured and bossy as hell. Libra women love to debate and are indecisive as hell. Leo creates the heat; Libra contributes the air. Combined, these result in a fair amount of warm-to-hot conversational breezes between them. Leo downright loves...

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