Leo Woman – Libra Woman

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Leo women are good natured and bossy as hell. Libra women love to debate and are indecisive as hell. Leo creates the heat; Libra contributes the air. Combined, these result in a fair amount of warm-to-hot conversational breezes between them. Leo downright loves admiration, but what this Queen will have to learn quickly about her Libra woman is that she takes a long time to make up her mind on just about anything. Leo must learn that Libra requires intelligent discussion to get to conclusions in life and in love. If Leo can handle that, it will create a nice, balanced relationship, along with harmony. Harmony, balance, and peace are a holy trinity to every Libra woman. Fairness is also a sacred virtue to Libra which Leo will appreciate and admire.

There will be an extravagant amount of communicating on various levels between them, on the side of one or the other of the two, usually both. Friendships of the genuine kind are more easily achieved by Leo and Libra than by many others. These two have a Sextile vibration between them, and life will present them with a nearly unending stream of opportunities together. When they join forces, Leo and Libra can achieve almost anything, from a successful love affair or marriage to a sound friendship or business deal. Their elements are Air and Fire, giving Libra the power to flame Leo into a brighter torch. Both will greatly benefit from each other.

However, unpleasant displays of temperament from Leo can cause Libra to eventually float away. Disharmony of any kind tips Libra’s scales, and can leave this woman in a state of depression, which is unusual for this normally bright, optimistic, and cheerful man. However, they will agree on most everything which makes the relationship smooth more often than bumpy. Both share the same sense of outrage over injustice of any kind. Leo is warm and generous; Libra is fair and neutral. When they combine these characteristics, few causes will remain lost. These two are also more practical about their idealism which is why they are both so successful. They are good people to have on your side when your luck is down. The Sun-ruled Leo will loyally defend you, and the Venus-ruled Libran will sooth you.

Libra possesses the instinct for knowing exactly how to handle Leo’s ego. It is called flattery. Libras rarely command, instead they coyly suggest. Leo has no idea that they are being swayed because they are unable to see past the Libra’s charm. Libras are beautifully smooth. There are times when Libra’s continual optimism irritates people, but Leos love it. They both also share a deep need for creative expression, preferably in the arts, but they can both be just as happily occupied running an empire as well. Each of them is more content when running the show, which can cause tension. Libra likes to be in charge because Libra is a Cardinal Sign of leadership. Leo likes to be in charge because, well how can a Queen not be in charge? Lions were not born under a Cardinal Sun Sign, but they were born under a Fixed Sun Sign, and when you have a “Fixed egotist” it adds up to the same thing as a leader. Should any of these basic needs of Leo and Libra be denied, Leo can become unhappy, and Libra can become cranky. Leo can turn arrogant and Libra can turn argumentative.

Libra will have to remember to give the Leo woman an adequate amount of respect and admiration. It is not an easy task. Still, Libra can call on their charm to accomplish it. No one can pay a compliment more sweetly than Libra, and no one can appreciate it with more than Leo. Together they can tend to be extravagant and lean toward luxuries. Libra admires Leo’s courage and willingness to move mountains to make their life amazing and exciting. Leo demands happiness from life and love while Libra expects it as only natural. There is a difference between “demanding” and “expecting.” Not much, but a difference. There really is not a sign other than Libra that is able to convince a Leo woman the way she does. Libra’s whip is invisible, and when it strikes, it feels just like velvet, so the Leo does not mind. The Libran dimples and good looks don’t hurt either.


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