How to Spot a Libra

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Libras are arguably the most beautiful sign in the Zodiac. It is the only masculine Sun Sign that is ruled by a feminine planet making them marvelously attractive, balanced, and pleasant. There is no “typical” Libra. However, many of them have dimples on their sugary faces which are surely one of Venus’ gifts that adds to their enchanting charm. The real giveaway is their voice which is usually as clear as a bell and sweet as cherry pie. Their laugh is bright and unforgettable. They rarely yell and would much rather speak diplomatically. They are interested in a dialogue, not a monologue. Their expressions are neutral and delightful. Their smile is silky, and their eyes sparkle with stardust. Even though they seem soft, there is something as strong as steel about them. A strength you know is there but does not need to be spoken of.


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