How to Spot a Scorpio

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The surefire way to figure out if someone is a Scorpio is their eyes.  Their look is piercing with strong intensity.  They are always somehow dark, even if they are the lightest shade of blue. If you are stared down by a Scorpio it may make you feel extremely uncomfortable, and that is usually the intention.  Their x-ray vision gaze is penetrable and steady. Most Scorpios have razor sharp features, notably the nose, in which they rule. They have prominent brows that beautifully frame their mesmeric eyes. Scorpios have a powerful aura without having to say a word. Most Scorpios will have dark hair with a reddish tint thanks to their co-ruler Mars.

Scorpios are poised, cool, and completely unbothered.  Their bodies rarely have any nervous twitches. They stay still with all the composure in the world. Because of this, it is rare to find a tense or detached Scorpio. They prefer to hide their obsessive emotions where they are safely concealed.  Scorpio’s calm collected nature is a façade to suppress their true feelings, which are locked away for a select few.  Their many masks hide the passion that boils inside of them. A Scorpio knows what they are and what they are not, making them confident and sure.  Quips will be laughed or stared off by anyone that throws one their way. When a Scorpio smiles, it is genuine.  It may not be often, but when it happens you know it is coming from their heart. If you compliment them, they will take your praise with a smirk. There are some Scorpios with a friendly and outgoing nature, but their eyes give away to seriousness.

Never take a Scorpio’s kindness for weakness. That is probably the biggest mistake you could ever make.  Be on your guard with every Scorpion you meet. I do not mean that to make you fearful, just remember that these people no matter how nice they come off, are never naïve or spineless. If you betray them in any way, they will happily cut you and any drama out with one swift slice. And depending on the severity of the situation, they will use their stinger as well. The Scorpion President Theodore Roosevelt put it perfectly, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” This is a motto many Scorpios live by.

Scorpios are black and white. They are not “maybe” people. If you are looking for a straight answer, they will have no problem giving you one. Sensitive souls who need their egos stroked should not go to a Scorpio for advice. A Scorpio tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.  It is beneath them to dish out a compliment just to make someone like them, so if you get one it is sincere.  You either love, respect, and admire the Scorpio you know, or you loathe them.  There really is not a lot of gray matter on the subject. Take them or leave them.

This sign is represented as a Gray Lizard, a Scorpion, an Eagle, and a Phoenix. With Pluto as their ruler, they are constantly being broken down, rebuilt, and reinvented. There is no one that can rise from the ashes the way a Scorpio can. This is considered the darkest sign in the Zodiac because this sign rules death.  It is their constant struggle to crawl out of the dark and into the light – to evolve into one’s highest sense of self – the Phoenix.  If you look at the Scorpio glyph, you will see that there is an arrow pointing upwards representing this struggle.  Scorpios must remember to always find the light in their deep emotions that tend to drown them. However, they are the most powerful sign in the Zodiac because they are a Fixed Water sign. Scorpios can use this power for both good and bad, light, or dark.

Scorpios are fiercely loyal and protective over their loved ones.   If you are kind to a Scorpio, it will never be forgotten and richly rewarded. There is just something hypnotic and powerful that transfixes you to them.  If they want something, Scorpios will resourcefully make it become reality. Yes, Scorpios are intense but once you have one on your side you will have gained a gentle soul, an amazing lover, a loyal friend, and a very strong ally for life.  See that dark mysterious soul with the intense gaze who seems to know your secrets? Do you feel the shudder down your spine? You must be spotting a Scorpio.


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