Ouroboros – The Mystery of Scorpio Explained

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Scorpio holds the deepest mystery of all twelve sun signs. The reason for this is Scorpio’s planetary ruler, the tiny yet awesomely powerful Pluto. This orb vibrates to the circular number of zero. This circle represents eternity. It also resembles a serpent eating its own tail with the tail being masculine entering the mouth which is feminine. This ancient symbol derives from Egyptian iconography and was implemented as “ouroboros” in Greek alchemy. The ouroboros is often interpreted as an emblem for eternal cyclic renewal of life, death, and rebirth. It epitomizes both polarities combining into one – male and female, light and dark, young and old, day and night, positive and negative, yin and yang, birth and death. It is a symbol of sex to which encapsulates Scorpio’s secret and power. Scorpio understands that opposing energies are made to be blended into one force that endlessly feeds each other rather than combat one another. This is how true power can be obtained. This is the mystery of Scorpio explained – one is all.


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