Sagittarius Gift Guide 2020

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The Royal Gift Shop, Agate Coasters, $37

These beautiful coasters are made from genuine Brazilian agate. Each coaster is unique just like your Sagittarius. They give off a bohemian vibe that your Archer will be sure to love. Agate can reconnect Sagittarians with emotions so they can embrace their innermost feelings.


Slow Travel: A Movement, by Penny Watson, $35

It can be challenging to travel at your own pace in the modern world without falling for the temptations of fast planes, cheap airlines, last-minute tickets, quick-fix travel apps and overzealous tour operators. To actually take a back seat and allow yourself time to embrace the ebb and flow of travel requires a more thoughtful and philosophical way of journeying. Slow Travel: A Movement is a beautifully designed and practical compendium of places, activities, tours and experiences that will inspire you to get on the road in your own time and on your own terms. This book explores slow travel as a physical or philosophical endeavor, taking readers off the beaten track and through nature, and unveils journeys that will nurture talent and ignite the inner-self. In this fast-paced world, it’s worth adjusting your vacation time to a pace we can all strive to keep up with. A perfect gift for the wanderlust Sag.


Cogey, Retro Sagittarius Crewneck Sweatshirt, $20

Cogey is the vintage astrology queen and just came out with these 70’s vibe threads. This soft sweatshirt has a loose fit for a comfortable feel. With durable print, your Sagittarius will be a walking billboard for years to come.


Age of Sail, SAGITTARIUS II, $175

This beautiful vintage French Sagittarius silver medallion is on a 16” 14k gold fill chain. The charm measures approx. 1”. At Age of Sail, they want you to find your own Talismans. Your own symbols of protection and power – because that is ultimately what jewelry can give you. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks knew this, the Celts knew this, and we continue seeking out those pieces that call to our souls today.  So have a look… your Talisman is waiting.


Use coupon code 15FORYOU at checkout for 15% off your order.


Love by Luna, Sagittarius Nail Polish, $18

Get your Sagittarius a mystic manicure in a bottle. The eye-catching, metallic magenta is perfect for Sagittarius who is always looking to start a conversation. This crystal-infused polish is formulated with Citrine, a stone of manifestation, to help transform Saggitarius’ dreams into reality.  Although they are never short on ideas or energy, sometimes they need a little extra help in seeing things through to completion, and that’s where this polish comes in handy — literally! 


MZ Wallace, Medium Metro Tote Deluxe, $285

Suggested to me for this guide by a Sagittarius stellium, this weekender tote is perfect for the Sag who is always on the go. With a luggage sleeve, two exterior slip pockets, two zippered collar pockets and a removable, adjustable crossbody strap, it’s ready for the office, the gym, the airport — and wherever else your Sagittarius needs to go. The Medium Metro Tote Deluxe is a particularly handy travel bag thanks to its lightweight design, multiple comfortable straps, and multitude of pockets. A must have for every centaur!


Zoppen, Travel Passport Wallet, $14

Help your Sag get organized with this affordable and efficient travel wallet. It comes in 37 different colors and is a travel must. With its chic style and multi-functional design, it will be sure to please your Sagittarius who could always use a little help in the organizational department!


Minted, Carte Postale – Personalized Stationery, $65

Sagittarius is rarely home, but still likes to stay in touch with a note making some personalized stationery a thoughtful gift for your Sagittarius. Minted has unique designs and this stationery includes a complimentary gift box. Minted’s Foil-Pressed Personalized Stationery is printed on luxe paper and a chic way for your Sag to stay in touch.

Uncommon Goods, Adventure Scratch Map, $45

Help your Sagittarius keep track of the adventures they have been on with this fun and thoughtful gift. This gold foil covered map makes tracking travels an artistic and interactive activity. After a vacation or trip, they will use a coin to scratch off the name of thier recent destination (like a lottery ticket) to reveal the artwork underneath. Every new excursion lets your Sag uncover that country’s cities, its capital, and a more vivid version of the poster’s bold lettered mantra. Spoiler–there’s pink under there.


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