Cancer Man – Capricorn Man

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The Crab and the Goat are 180 degrees apart on the karmic wheel of Life. They are opposed to each other, but that does not mean anything bad. It means that there will be both good and bad times ahead. Cancer is ruled by the Moon which represents dreams, change, movement, memories, reflections, softness, and dependency. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which represents realities, stability, caution, waiting, determination, hardness, and self-sufficiency. Like all other opposing blends, a choice must be made by Cancer and Capricorn as to which of these opposing forces, will become the dominant force of their association, or their love life will become a battlefield. The Crab and the Goat must decide whether the Moon or Saturn is to rule their relationship, even though they may still choose to be individually ruled by the Moon and Saturn both – and equally.


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