Capricorn Gift Guide 2020

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SSS, Capricorn Unisex Joggers, $40

Your Capricorn will love repping their sign in these comfortable, yet stylish joggers which are perfect for running errands or an effortless stay-at-home outfit. The embroidered logo adds a touch of refinement to this relaxed look.

Moon Body Soul, Forest Moon Dust, $18

Treat your Earth Sign Cappy to some Forest Moon Dust. After a long hard day it will transport their bathtub to the middle of the forest floor amongst the healing trees! With pure essential oils of Fir Needle, Pine, Spruce + Hawaiian Sandalwood, they don’t just smell incredible they also have many beneficial properties for your body + mood – like the high levels of natural terpenes present including alpha-Pinene, known for its anti-inflammatory properties. These steam distilled essential oils are also great for opening the respiratory tract, helping you to breathe easier. It is filled with only nourishing ingredients from mother earth, to soothe their skin & nourish their body + soul.

Technivorm Moccamaster, 10-Cup Coffee Maker, $263

Capricorns take their coffee seriously and so does the Moccamaster. This coffee maker model features a glass carafe and an automatic drip-stop brew-basket that stops the flow of coffee if the carafe is pulled away. The KBG brews a full 40oz pot of coffee in six minutes. Coffee is held on a unique hot plate, which is engineered with a separate, independent element that rolls heat into the coffee to ensure an even taste from the first cup to the last drop. The hot plate has two settings, giving you the choice to hold your coffee at 175° or 185°.

Anthropologie, Lexie Slippers, $45

With its open-toe silhouette and plush faux fur lining, these slippers are ideal for lazy Sunday mornings, cozy work-from-home afternoons, and everything in between.

Ember, Travel Mug, $180

Designed for your on-the-go Capricorn, the new Ember Travel Mug does more than simply keep coffee hot. The smart heated travel mug allows them to set an exact drinking temperature and keeps it there for up to 3 hours, so the coffee is never too hot, or too cold. Also includes a charging coaster.

Cocorrina, The ELAPHE 2021 Planner, $73

Capricorns are major goal setters, so having a good planner is a must for them. Treat them to the magical ELAPHE 2021 planner which features: 13 Months (From January 2021 to January 2022), Yearly Moon calendar for 2021, 2 Monthly Layouts, A journal/workbook on how to transform and evolve through the moon and zodiac magic, Workbook dedicated to each zodiac sign for every month, Weekly affirmations, astronomical and astrological events, and moon phases, The monthly layout on each month, with moon phases and celestial events, Monthly affirmations and moon actions, and End of the month workbook and reflection.

Age of Sail, CAPRICORN IV, $115

Vintage 1950’s Czech glass carved Capricorn cameo measuring approx. 1.5” wide on an 18” 14k gold-fill reverse rope chain. At Age of Sail, they want you to find your own Talismans. Your own symbols of protection and power – because that is ultimately what jewelry can give you. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks knew this, the Celts knew this, and we continue seeking out those pieces that call to our souls today.  So have a look… your Talisman is waiting.

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Skyn Iceland, Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, $33

After your Cappy has worked all day their eyes can tend to look tired. Treat them to these cooling under-eye gel patches to help firm, tone and de-puff delicate under-eye skin within 10 minutes.

Design Milk, Champagne Problems Puzzle, $26

Pop the bubbly and relax with your Capricorn by tackling this puzzle together— it’s a rainbow of champagne! Fizz meets fluttering shadows and a spectrum of color from gold to peach. In vino veritas: with Champagne Problems, your Cappy’s cup will truly runneth over.


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