Gemini Woman – Sagittarius Woman

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Sagittarians are not always loud and active; some are surprisingly timid and introspective. However, every Sagittarius speaks with blunt honesty when their opinion is asked for. All Sagittarians gaze at the world through the calculating eye of truth. Sagittarius is a double sign, half-horse, half-man. There are two distinct types of Archers: those who take after the front end or human half of the Centaur – and those who take after the rear end or equestrian half. Gemini is also a double sign, symbolized by the Twins, dual in personality, multiple in word and action, numerous by nature. It is almost impossible to describe a Gemini due to their many personalities. Even though these two Sun Signs sit on the opposite end of the Karmic wheel from one another, they have in common honesty, youthfulness, refreshing candor, wisdom, and wit – and awkwardness, intermingled with gracefulness.


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