Why Women Turn to Astrology in a Male Dominated World

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Out of my 2,600+ Instagram followers, 91.4% of them identify as women. Out of the millions of readers I have had to my website since 2012, 78% of them identify as female. There is absolutely no doubt that more women are into astrology than men. This is not an estimate, research shows that women believe in astrology more than men. But why? Is it because astrology is marketed to women? Is it because women tend to be more empathetic and spiritual than men? Is it because believing in astrology is illogical and women are “silly”? The disbelief toward astrology is not simply a demonstration of society’s view on women, but also a reflection of society’s narrow perception of what it means to be a man. If a woman asked a man what his sign was, it would be met with a scoff. However, if a man asked a woman about Fantasy Football, she would expect to pull out the few facts she knew to look “cool” to him. Astrology has a direct correlation with sexism.


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