How to Spot an Aquarius


Aquarius is neither cynical nor immature, neither passionate nor nonchalant. Their eyes have a strange faraway look to them that is wise, mysterious, and vague laced with a dreamy wandering expression and filled with electricity. When thinking of an Aquarius, imagine a prism – clear, hard, precise, and multifaceted. If the light hits that prism just right, it creates a rainbow. Aquarians are filled with rainbows, but they need to be in the perfect place at the perfect time for you to see their colors. Aquarius is tranquil by nature, yet they love to shock and surprise those around them. Like a bolt of lightning, they will come out of nowhere with their odd and fascinating one lined zingers. Their movement is erratic and unpredictable. The easiest way to spot them is their zany garb which is never quite in place, yet somehow always fashionable.


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