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SSS, Pisces Unisex Joggers, $40.00

Represent your Zodiac sign in these comfortable, yet stylish joggers which are perfect for running errands or an effortless stay-at-home outfit. The embroidered logo adds a touch of refinement to this relaxed look.

Olive & June, The Pedi System, $70

Pisces rule the feet and are obsessed with pedicures. This kit includes all the tools your Pisces needs for salon-perfect pedis at home, plus 1 long-lasting polish of your choice and Super Glossy Top Coat.

Prism + Fleur, 2021 “As Above, So Below” Astrology + Mindfulness Journal, $33

AS ABOVE – SO BELOW The skies are a reflection of our realities. Be guided by the energies of the universe. What’s Inside? Monthly lunar calendars & mood trackers – to record how you feel through phases. Journaling prompts that align with energetics of each lunation – what can you embrace/release/manifest? Quarterly Reflections, Goal setting Rituals & Crystal alchemy notes. Scannable QR Codes that take you to a monthly collective tarot reading with @project.cosmos as well as a 2021 archive of articles relating to the lunations of each month. Mindfulness reminders, for when you need them most. Space to record your tarot/oracle spreads. Blank bullet journaling pages to fill with your own magic + thoughts + lists. Yearly planetary overview, and more.

Sea Witch Botanicals, Body Soap: Parisienne Mermaid, $7

This mermaid body soap features a classic La Parisienne mermaid illustration. Each soap is around 3.5oz net weight and features an image printed on rice paper with soy-based bio-toner and comes wrapped in a bioplastic which can be composted in an industrial composter. It is gentle enough to be used head to toe. 

Age of Sail, Kumlai Bangle, $18

The most wearable and perhaps luckiest bracelet you could own. Handcrafted with recycled plastic and 22k gold dust. The gold is gathered from Buddhist temples in Thailand every time the statues are touched up with gold leaf; the bracelets are then individually crafted by the monks and blessed to bring the wearer good luck, happiness and love. They never tarnish, never fade, are nearly soundless and can be worn in the shower, the ocean and through TSA without issue.

In Thailand it is considered lucky to wear an odd number and we have to admit… they look best stacked. Popular in France, we source ours from a boutique in Paris that has been working with Buddhist temples for over ten years. We offer the bangles in three sizes and while they are slightly mailable, they do not stretch. If slightly bent upon arrival, simply wear in the hot shower/bath and they will relax into their natural shape.

Moon & Jai, Healing Ritual Kit, $49.00

Make sure you are equipped to create some powerful healing in your life through the use of this special kit known as our Moon and Jai HEALING Ritual kit!  Like all our kits, each one is special with their own unique crystal.  This chakra healing kit contains a beautiful purple crystal called Amethyst, one of the most powerful healing stones.  This crystal for health will work its magic on healing, relieving stress and irritability, as well as disperse fear, anger, and anxiety.

With Moon and Jai meditation kits, you’ll receive an elegant and complete package consisting of: Palo Santo, Sage, Healing Crystals, matches, ritual + healing crystal qualities scroll.  Everything you need to manifest your desires and achieving as well as maintaining a balanced sanctuary.  Allow this kit to assist you in discovering your magic through a variety of uses, such as rituals, spells using crystals, feng shui, creating a high vibe home and more!

BajaZen, Mermaid Salt Glow Soak, $24

A sea-infused salt elixir to transform your bath into a natural wonder. A trio of the purest salts cleanse, balance, and heal for skin renewal & regeneration. Minerally charged Mediterranean, pink Himalayan, and dead sea salts naturally restore your glow. Skin savior sea clay boosts radiance and helps to rejuvenate the look of youthful, healthy skin. Scent Story | A lush base of Sea Spray with notes of Salted Mandarin to evoke summer euphoria. The Ritual | Add a handful or desired amount to bath under hot running water. Submerge into healing salt bath and indulge your senses.

Camp Craft Cocktails, Pop the Cork, Let’s Celebrate, $30

Pisces likes to get their drink on, so treat them to this fun adult beverage treat. This pack comes with a Camp Hibiscus Ginger Lemon kit and the pictured card. CAMP Craft Cocktail Kits include:  Hibiscus, Ginger Root, Lemon, non-GMO organic infused cane sugar. Add 12 ounces of alcohol, refrigerate for three days while the kits infuses. Shake before serving. Sip as is or add a splash of soda or tonic. Alcohol not included. Serves 8. Suggested pairings include one of the following: champagne, soda, tonic, your favorite carbonated lemon drink, or ginger ale.

Astral Spirits, Pisces Zodiac Constellation – Sage Yoga Mat, $37

Pisces love meditation and yoga practice. So have them strike their sun salutation in style. Our yoga mats are lightweight, yet durable. Just toss it over your shoulder with the handy carrying strap and you are on your way. With so many designs to choose from, you are sure to find one that will have everyone in your studio’s head turning.


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