Mars Enters Gemini


Mars in Gemini = Mars in Magician Mode. Mars is not in domicile, exaltation, detriment, or fall in the sign of Gemini. However, it is ascertained to Mercury in this sun sign. From an elemental standpoint, air fuels fire making this transit extra hot. The pace of Mars in Gemini is head-spinning fast. Mars is naturally intoxicating to Air signs and the Mutable signs.  Between now and April 23rd, Mars will make plenty of daring moves, swift progress, manifestations, and wordsmiths.  It will feel seamless to move between realms of influence or various topographies when Mars is in Gemini thanks to Gemini’s mercurial quality. Everything feels like it is moving at warp speed and the theme will be technology focused so make sure to monitor your screen time because a surge of texts, alerts, and electronic information can become strenuous. Block out time in your week to disconnect to prevent a Mars in Gemini burnout.

Since January 6th, Mars has been in Taurus and in a tough square with the two largest planets in our solar system – Jupiter, Saturn. Mars was also square with Mercury which was in retrograde through Aquarius for the majority of February and created all sorts of havoc and mental confusion. However, Mars is about to get a breath of fresh air and break free from Taurus’ restrictive chains as it moves into the sign of communication and messages – Gemini. Now that the planet of action is in the sign of the Twins, it forms a free flowing and harmonious trine with all the planets in Air signs, making things feel a whole lot lighter.

Do not get too excited though because even though Mars is trine Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn, it is squaring the current Pisces stellium – Venus at 7°, the MC at 6°, the Sun at 13°, and Neptune at 20°. This can cause conversations concerning relationships a bit of distress. Right now, talk is cheap. Mars is persuasive and passionate while Gemini is talkative and witty giving the possibility of this transit to bring out the fast-talking charlatans and devil’s advocates who want to argue for argument’s sake. The goal here is to not engage when you are feeling provoked. Abort the conversation when you start to feel yourself getting heated. With Mars in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces, you can take your pick of astrological options. Neptune will create a mist over love and your convictions, making it impossible to truly see things for what they really are. This is energy is excessive, scattered, dynamic, and cunning.

Now is not the time to rush into a partnership of any kind, because the chances of it lasting are slim. Mars is lusty and Gemini will be turning up the flirtation meter way up.  Just be aware that attractions can be fast, fickle, and fleeting during this time. Be intentional about not leading anyone on, and make sure you are not imagining a relationship for what it is not. Mars is not one for patience so this can lead to some harsh behavior. Being respectful right now is something you will need to keep top of mind. Save your biting energy for the bedroom, not for touchy topics.

Like Isaac Newton said, “An object in motion tends to remain in motion along a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force.” This is the lesson of Mars in Gemini. The energy will be busy and buzzing. You will tend to feel easily bored, and the days will seem to really fly. Harness and channel this Mars in Gemini energy to get things done. Enjoy the expressive and hilarious banter that seems to be flying out of everyone’s mouth. And lastly, do not forget to cool your heels when you start to feel burnout.


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