Mercury Conjunct Chiron 2021


Today Mercury is conjunct Chiron at 9° Aries. Mercury conjunct Chiron gifts us with an opening to take a close look at our hurt and discover its hidden value. When Mercury is conjunct Chiron, we can even become aware of what it is that is bringing us pain which is the first step in the healing process. With Mercury, the theme of the transit becomes words, thoughts, and memories that will trigger our former harm. Mercury helps us realize and comprehend what is otherwise difficult to grasp, and we can finally acknowledge our primal Chiron wound of paucity because Mercury brings clarity. With Mercury joining forces with Chiron, it is easier to formulate and recognize the wound, and most importantly, to become aware of the strength inside the pain. Mercury is trying to tell us something, trying to get our attention on something that needs to be grasped at a greater intensity.⁠

When we have a Chiron transit, the gift is found rooted inside the damage. Chiron is the Wounded Healer, and he represents the area in our life where a personal wound exists that we are continuously trying to heal but are unable to. This unhealed wound naturally draws you to people who share the same wound as you do. When we have a Chiron transit, healing the wound doesn’t only mean finding relief from pain, it means digging into the wound to figure out why it still hurts.⁠

Chiron is not asking you to play victim, he is asking to you build strength from your scars. If Chiron were not abandoned at birth, he could not have been adopted by Apollo and become the healer he was. This initial abandonment was his deepest wound but was also what made Chiron so extraordinary. Our Chiron wound is the initial condition, and is what we need to not only accept, but also integrate, and use as a catalyst for growth. This healing process of merging what is unacceptable within us bridges conflicting worlds in our soul as we heal and discover our unique bequest. This is our greatest gift.⁠

Seek the treasure in your pain.⁠


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