Taurus Season’s Featured Artist – The French Witch

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I am honored to announce this month’s featured artist and soul sister The French Witch – Lydia. ⁠ When Lydia offered to be the Taurus Season’s artist I was beyond thrilled. Her art is dark, mysterious, magical, and witchy. She is an astrologer and tarot reader herself which makes her so perfect to collaborate with.⁠

Lydia is a warrior of Moroccan origin who had to fight several battles. Homelessness, abuse, mental illness & life in all its complexity. Lydia is an artist, a modern day witch. She worships Venus but most importantly, LOVE. She uses her art, tarot, astrology & plants to heal herself and those who ask for her guidance.⁠

I am honored to feature you Lydia, and I am so excited to share her art this season. Please go check her out on Instagram at @the_french_witch⁠ or her website at https://thefrenchwitch.com/.

Lydia was kind enough to create this limited edition crop tee. The organic crop top is soft, comfy, and made of 100% organic cotton. This tee will only be available during Taurus Season, so get yours ordered today.⁠ ⁠ CLICK HERE TO SHOP


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