When the slow-moving planet of Saturn stations retrograde, we do not feel it as much as when a personal planet like Mercury or Mars go retrograde. However, Saturn’s retrogrades are felt on a collective level and always serve us lessons that we need.⁠

If there are areas in your life that seem to have been dragging on or have not been working for you, those areas are about to come to a standstill and demand your attention to either fix or remove them from your life completely. Saturn gives us the push and the experiences that are not wanted but needed to make progress in our lives. ⁠

Saturn in retrograde allows us the time we need to slow down and stop to make necessary repairs. It gives us time to assess areas of our lives that are not working as well as they could be. Use the next five months as opportunity to rethink and recreate the dreary broken-down areas of life. That way when Saturn goes direct in October, you will have done the work, you will have found the solution, and you will have improved. This is how to use the power of this structured planet’s annual reverse to your advantage.⁠


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