Gemini Season’s Featured Artist – Celestial Moonfire

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I am honored to announce Gemini Season’s featured artist is Celestial Moonfire⁠. Heather’s art reminds me of an adult version of Lisa Frank and is filled with bold colors and fairy magic.

Heather is inspired by the divine feminine archetype, cosmic consciousness, spiritual growth, and personal transformation. Her pieces are a reflection of her own self exploration and personal growth on her own winding, challenging, but often rewarding spiritual path. She is a conduit through which divine inspiration flows and shares her magic with those who find resonance with her work.

I am honored to feature you Heather, and I am so excited to share your gift of art this season. Please go check her out on Instagram @celestialmoonfire⁠ or her website⁠

Heather made a rad tie dye crop tee that is limited edition. This crop tee is printed and sewn to fit you just right, and includes tons of Gemini magic. This tee will only be available during Gemini Season, so get yours ordered today.⁠ ⁠


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