Jupiter’s ingress into Pisces is the most important transit this month. Jupiter changes signs once a year and when it does it sets the theme for the year giving the collective a point of reference.⁠

Jupiter is only temporarily in Pisces for two months which will give us a taste of what 2022 will be like when it moves into Pisces for the year. Jupiter goes retrograde in June and then moves back into Aquarius in July. Pay attention to what this transit feels like so you can prepare yourself for what is to come.⁠

Jupiter is in its domicile in Pisces which will make the energy feel good for most. Jupiter in the sign of the fish is experienced as intelligent, transcendent, and philosophical. ⁠

Jupiter inflates everything it touches, and he has given us some heavy energy while in which we have in Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn rules both these signs, so Jupiter has been under Saturn’s law and order. Now that Jupiter can be in its own sign, it will finally feel some release⁠

Jupiter in Pisces will start to expand our sense of faith and optimism. We are on the path of restoration.⁠


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