Lilith in Gemini

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When someone is born when the Black Moon Lilith in the sign of Gemini, they are influenced by the variable planet of Mercury.  Lilith in Gemini gifts one with a very intellectually cunning and mischievous personality. Lilith will use her clever ways to manipulate people and appeal to them to get her way.  The dark side of this placement will scam, cheat, and lie for personal benefit.  The quick speed of Mercury will bring a fast-paced nature to the way thoughts are processed and how life is approached.  Lilith in this sign is drawn towards all kinds of new stimulation as there can be problems with life brought upon by boredom and monotony.  These souls will always crave change, and nothing will ever seem permanent.  The desire for change leads to meeting new people, seeking new lovers or doing anything that satisfies their constant need for change. Gemini Lilith would not like to root down anywhere in particular and can even find itself on the move where new experience and diversity in life can be found.


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