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Today Mercury enters its domicile sign of Gemini. Mercury likes being home and vibrates at a high frequency when it is here. ⁠

This will be a nice shift from slow moving Taurus because Mercury can speed up function more efficiently. Mercury in Taurus is jogging, and Mercury in Gemini is roller skating. When the planet of transmission is in the sign of the twins, it can articulate facts and act in a logical manner. Communication, thinking processes and awareness will operate at optimum speed.⁠

Mercury will be making an extended stay here until July 11 due to its second retrograde of the year coming up in a month. Besides the retrograde, we will find it easier to speak up and share opinions fluently. We will be able to relate and understand other’s thought processes with more ease. Things really get movin’ and a groovin’ when Mercury is in Gemini.⁠


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