Today, Mercury goes retrograde at 24° Gemini, and just before it changes direction, Mercury conjuncts Venus which is also at 24° Gemini. Most of the time, Mercury is faster than Venus, but this time, it is Venus that applies to Mercury because of Mercury’s reverse.⁠

Venus will ask us to use our feelers to make sense of things and Mercury will help you overthink things to the max. This energy in the sign of the Twins comes with duality and can really have us turned around. This event can be potent, moody, and overstimulating. Take this retrograde to process what is going on before making any major moves. ⁠

On the 31st the Sun is conjunct with the North Node of the Moon in Gemini. When the Sun is here, it may take some time for us to readjust because it will be a different energy then what we are used to. With Mercury, Venus, and Mars out of the bounds of the Sun, the energy has been erratic, and The Sun is ready to take control and start objectifying and enhancing our lives. The Sun is going to start taking back its reign with the North Node of aim backing its bold energy. ⁠

When we have the annular Solar Eclipse in Gemini on June 10, this new direction will become crystal clear and we can start moving full steam ahead when Mercury becomes direct on June 22.


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