Full Moon in Capricorn 2021

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On June 24, 2021, we have a Full Strawberry Moon at 3° Capricorn which makes a sweet sextile to Jupiter in Pisces bringing a nourishing vibration to this lunation. Six months ago, we started the year out with a sturdy Capricorn new Moon and planted seeds of hope for a better and more fruitful year ahead. It is now time to reflect and harvest our summer crop to reward yourself for all your hard work thus far this year.

The Water element is dominant among the inner planets with the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter all in the Water Signs. There is a beautiful balance between the polarity of Earth and Water energy. Both vibrate to yin energy making you feel more sensitive to energy around you. Water is deep while Earth is steady, Yin energy takes more time to process emotions, so grace yourself with time under this Moon to do just that. Yin energy is not as proactive as yang, instead it is more internal, relational, receptive, and reactive to situations, people, energy, and life.

The Cardinal mode is dominant among the inner planets with the Sun, Moon and Venus all in the Cardinal Modality. This will make the energy feel forward and pioneering. What are you ready to start right now? Us the intuition of the Water to tell you what it is and use the Cardinal energy to begin down the path of getting what you want. Cardinal Signs start a season and are excellent and getting things moving. They are the ones who “GO”. This Moon is promoting change for your own sake.

With this Moon being in the first decan of Capricorn, and the fact that it is 23° away from Pluto which is at 26° Capricorn, will give a certain refreshing honesty to the magical moonbeams. Over the past 10 years, Capricorn Moons have had a heavy feel from karmic Pluto which has been conjuncting anything that comes into the sign of the Goat, but because this year’s Full Moon in Capricorn is so far out of orb from Pluto, we will get a different ambiance with a more colorful and cheerful flavor than usual. This is one of the most positive and productive Full Moons of the year, so use this energy to manifest for the rest of 2021.


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