Today, Neptune goes retrograde at 23° in its domicile Sun Sign of Pisces. When a planet changes direction, we notice an escalation of themes connected to that planet. Therefore, when Neptune goes retrograde our subconscious becomes submerged in the mystical waters of this transit. We will start to have recollections, visions, fantasies, and wishes that resurface, inviting us to reconnect with them.

Neptune is known to bring us hazy solutions rather than giving it to us straight. Think of trying to hear something when you are underwater – you can hear it but the message is not clear. Neptune’s magic works best in the subterranean, so going retrograde calls for an even deeper dive along with lots of thought behind how to interpret the messages received.

Dreams are where our mind can process and digest things that we were unable to accomplish in reality. When we get rooted in a problem that we cannot find the solution to, but then it comes to you in in a bubble bath, in a forest bath, or during a sound bath are beautiful examples of Neptune’s meditation magic at work. Recurring dreams, serendipities, and unexpected meetings are all things to anticipate during this Neptune retrograde.

The nets of Neptune are complicated and intricate , but it does offer answers if you pay close enough attention to your dreams, unusual communication messages, and serendipitous signs you receive. If your intuition is buzzing, it means that the sirens of Neptune are whispering into your ear.


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