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Today, we have the second of three uncomfortable Saturn Uranus squares where Saturn is at 13° Aquarius, and Uranus is at 13° Taurus. The first transit was on February 17th, and that week brought us record snow in the Pacific Northwest, bitter below zero windchills in the upper Midwest, avalanches in the Rockies, unusual ice paired with freezing rain and snow on the East Coast, and a deadly tornado in North Carolina – all within a few days. I continue to believe that this set of transits are using natural disasters as a wake-up call to bring our attention to the global warming crisis.

Saturn and Uranus have been in a tight orb all year, meaning we have felt this tension and friction for a while now. However, when we see an exact transit like this, we should expect its energy to spike and release which will call for further revolution. The culmination of this energy will force us to examine the issues that are desperate for our action and attention. Saturn is now in retrograde during this transit which will call for the collective to slow down and take the time to dissect the concern to further assess how to fix it. This is our second shot and midpoint before the finale on December 24th where we will wrap up this transit once and for all. We need to all take care of Mother Earth, because she always takes care of us.


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