Venus Enters Cancer 2021


Today Venus leaves the duality of Gemini and passages into nurturing Cancer making things get cozy. Today, Venus also applies a melodious Trine to Jupiter in Pisces making a lovely welcome for this transit. Venus in Cancer is textured as expedient and contented in Cancer. This will be an easy shift following a relatively restless transit through Gemini which will make the vibes more mellow.

The mood of Venus in Cancer is a tender loving ambiance filled with delicate compassion. Venus will ask you to manage your mental health during this time, because you will be more empathetic not only to your own moods but also those of others around you. You become porous like a sponge, soaking in the energy that surrounds you. This makes it important to create a serene environment, especially with Mercury retrograding, until Venus moves into Leo on June 28.


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