Mars Enters Virgo 2021

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Mars is entering Virgo for the first time in two years which means that the planet of action has a lot of editing to do before he moves into Libra on September 14th. While Mars was in Leo, we have been bold and daring, but now it is time to refine that energy into something more practical. It is time to get to work with streamlining and structuring our lives. With Venus also in Virgo, this will only intensify topics regarding wellness mentally and physically to unclutter our minds and bodies. These two planets are calling for a clean sweep and a fresh start.

This energy will give us the boost that we need to get shit done and make edits to our daily lives that encourage productivity. However, Neptune, which is retrograde in Pisces, will oppose Mars on September 2nd creating an energy of illusion that slows our momentum down. Use your energy wisely during this transit, not forgetting about your mental health as this transit can cause exhaustion. Towards the end of this transit, you may need to escape from the mundane which you should take advantage of before Virgo Season starts and the sweet days of summer conclude.


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