New Moon in Cancer 2021

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This year’s only New Moon in Cancer is soaked in the magical waters of its domicile at 18 degrees. Most of the inner planets are in the bottom hemisphere making the focus of this dark luminary laced with Imum Coeli (IC) themes such as emotional bonds, tethered origins, and a potent emphasis on home. If you are feeling lost, reach out to your family for emotional support.

There is a sort of evenness with this Moon chart that is fascinating and balanced for such a notoriously sensitive transit. There are several planets in their sign of rulership with the Moon in Cancer, Mercury in Gemini, and Neptune in Pisces. Furthermore, the three modes (Cardinal, Mutable, and Fixed) are evenly distributed among the inner planets making this Moon feel reasonable and relatable. The Sun and Moon are in 11 aspects at the time the Moon is exact, which will have this lunation touching you in some way or another whether you want to get poignant or not.


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