Full Moon in Aquarius №2 2021

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On August 22, we have a second Full Moon in Aquarius at 29 degrees which is a rare astrological Blue Moon, because right before the Sun shifts into Virgo we will get our second consecutive Full Moon. The significance of these Moons is the culmination of the Leo lunar cycle, which calls for conscious adjustment to integrate the opposing energies of Leo and Aquarius. This Blue Moon greatly changes the evolution of energy for the remainder of the year because the pattern shifts the lunar timetable. Aquarius energy is rampant throughout the outer planets and so it only makes sense that this year we would have a Blue Moon in the sign of the Water Bearer calling for radical humanitarian changes along with a personal pattern change of your own.⁠

The energy will be high and flowing with many planets in mutable signs as well as a Grand Air Trine in the sky. With Venus in its domicile at 7° Libra, Saturn in its domicile at 8° Aquarius, and the North Node and MC at 6° Gemini, the Trine aspect occurs the most, a total of 10 times. Grand Air Trine energy is revolutionary and transformative and represents ambitious thinking and planning, intellectual curiosity, and social engagement. With the North node on the Midheaven and the Moon Conjunction Jupiter there are countless possibilities with the charisma of this bright luminary both professionally and personally.⁠

The theme between these twin Aquarian Moons has been laced with themes regarding the collaboration of your crew. This Sturgeon Moon has been initiating the activist in all of us to make powerful impacts. Look back at the progress we have made over the past few years and think about how much further we must go. The expounding energy of this lunar light has called forth who your team should be, and now it is time to get to collectively work.⁠


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