New Moon in Leo 2021

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This fiery New Moon in the sign of the Lion at 16 degrees will bless you with the courage to start a venture themed around originality and zeal. Is there a piece of yourself that you are ready to share? You may be feeling extra thirsty for this because the inner planets do not fall in a Water sign which means that your emotions and intuition are taking a back seat. It is time to let your heart lead with passion, bravery, engagement, and creativity. Do not think too much about it, be bold and brave. The Moon in Leo always has a flair for originality and desire. What do you want to start now that revolves around those themes?

This Moon forms a t-square with Uranus at 14° Taurus and Saturn at 9° Aquarius. The squared point in this formation is Uranus which is the focal planet, serving as the conciliator of the Sun and Moon which are opposing Saturn. Uranus is where the release will take place, which in true Uranus fashion will be a surprise. These three points can spur impulse and resolution or struggle and tension. Seeing that this is a Fixed sign t-square, something will feel stuck or undecided. Fixed energy sticks to whatever it is that provides security. However, with Uranus calling the shots, there is bound to be an element of revelation.

On a positive note, there are several trine aspects in this Moon chart that will allow flow and formulation. Allow the magic of this Moon open your heart to what could be, because Leo’s moonbeam potion is all about prospect and publicity. ⁠ Seek a fresh path that aligns with your inspiration and helps you get to your destination. Then walk bravely down that path with your head held high, and do not look back. ⁠It is the possibility of having your dreams come true that makes life exciting.⁠


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