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Today, Uranus starts its annual retrograde at 13° Taurus. When outer planets like Uranus go retrograde, their energy is intensified, but usually takes a while to unfold in your life and is felt on more of a collective level rather than personal. From now until January 18th, we should expect the maverick planet to cause surprises, coincidences, disclosures and revealing visions.

Uranus brings intelligibility when it goes retrograde because it causes us to review its electric energy. This station will make us more aware of the subtle messages and knowledge that surrounds us, but that we have not refined.  Uranus is not comfortable being in the sign of Taurus, but while it is here it will visit topics of radical changes in how we relate to the Earth and each other.

Taurus as a sign represents food, money, and possessions. Uranus’s reverse can be an indication of abrupt or unforeseen changes in these arenas.


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