Mars Enters Libra 2021


Today, Mars enters Libra which will put the fiery planet of action into debate mode. Mars in Libra is at its fall here which means it is not as direct and action focused. Mars does not care to make war while in the sign of the Scales, but it will certainly fight for what is right. Mars in Libra moves towards freedom, peace, and fairness while in Libra. Libra is a Cardinal Sign and Cardinal = action. Mars in Libra uses its energy for ideals of justice and truth.

This is a great time to learn how to choose your battles only allowing yourself to enter into drama if it is really worth your energy. This is also a time where relationship issues will start to be addressed. Mars will want you to do something about any problems regarding the topic of love, and Libra will make sure it remains rational and purposeful. The key takeaway is to not make any major reactions now, but rather wait until this time of deliberation has passed.

Doubt is likely to set in at some point under these stars, but that is when you should call your support system for reassurance. All of the outer planets are in retrograde right now and you are not alone in your deliberative state. Sometimes doing nothing at all is the best thing when you feel torn. Do not feel pressured to move quickly into something you would later regret. Get through Mercury’s retrograde and when Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto become direct in mid –October the answer will present itself.


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