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With four planets now stationed direct, we will continue the theme of action and high energy, which was initiated by the New Moon in Libra. Today our October Full Moon at 27° in Aries is as fiery and as Cardinal as we could have wished for. This Full Hunters Moon is opposite Mars and square Pluto, giving us some tense primal energy. Aries will be boosting us to our best self because this lunar light is all about YOU. What have you been working towards since March? It is time to harvest your rewards, while hunting for what it is that you want next. The culmination of energy that has been brewing since the New Moon in Libra will now reach a pinnacle. This Full Moon will be making moves and create friction that stars a fire in our core, especially if you have planets in the last decan of any Cardinal signs. Be incredibly mindful of what you ask for and what emerges and becomes lit up on this Moon. Be specific down to the detail what you want to manifest.


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