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Today I bring you the good news that benefic Jupiter goes direct at 22° Aquarius. Jupiter will be spending a few more months in Aquarius, before moving for good into its domicile sign of Pisces. Can I get an AMEN!? This is our last chance to set things straight and button up the work we did with this expansive orb in the futuristic sign of the Water Bearer. Let us reflect and find the driving purpose behind the area of our life that Aquarius sits in our chart and meditate on what we have learned during this time. It is time to start applying the wisdom we have soaked up since Jupiter went retrograde months ago. ⁠Now use that lesson to level the f*ck up. Let us join forces and love one another as a greater community and not let us rip each other apart, but rather grab hands and brace through the storm together. Aquarius is all about strength in numbers and love of humanity. Where is the love? Let’s find it before this transit comes to an end. The light is at the end of the tunnel with Jupiter being under Saturn’s tight restrictions for just a short time more.


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