Mars Enters Scorpio 2021

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October saved us the best for last because today Mars enters its domicile sign of Scorpio. This energy gives us the opportunity to get in touch with the powerful Scorpionic energy of renewal and transformation. We all have areas of life that need thinning or refinement and Mars here allows us space to be intentional about what we want to change in our lives, and then gifts us the power to take the necessary action. Mars is the planet of action, and Scorpio gives it the depth and drive to conduct this Martian impulse to achieve whatever we set our sights on.

Intrigue will start to build a Mars burns its way into the sign of the Scorpion until December 13. Mars is in its domicile while in Scorpio, but in a much more secretive way than when it is in Aries. Mars conducts itself in a more enigmatic and scintillating way during this course and allows new people to step into roles of power. Mars can be ruthless in this Sun Sign, so make sure that you are not only looking out for yourself during this transit. The red planet loves to set desire on fire, and your raw emotions will be something that could make you feel vulnerable so be certain to only deepen your bonds through intuition with the ones you trust.


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