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Today we have a New Moon at 13° Libra. This fresh luminary is conjunct Mars which means the energy of this Moon means business. This is a very purposeful transit, and even though Mars in in its fall in Libra the red planet is still interested in a successful result. Whatever it is that you want to manifest, Mars is going to help you get it done. This will be something connected to the house in your char the Moon is transiting through. Set intentions for yourself over the next six months and watch how things unfold. A great crystal to use under these magickal moonbeams are rose quartz, rhodonite, and even pyrite for that Mars energy. If you need some help getting where you want to go, reach out to a friend or partner because that is what Libra energy is all about. You are not meant to do everything alone.

But if we are wise
We know that there’s always tomorrow


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