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There are more to just Sun Signs when it comes to understanding love Astrologically. Synastry between all of the planets is crucial to understanding the overall vibration between individuals. Synastry is defined as a way to determine a couple’s likely compatibility and relationship, and to do this Astrologers use angles and geometry. Astrology’s secret of compatibility is in the distance between your Zodiac signs, and in Astrology we call this distance an aspect. Some aspects do make for a smoother relationship, but here is something else I have learned: easy does not necessarily mean it is better. Why are these frustrating relationships in your life you wonder? It is because there is something for you to learn from them. In today’s modern world, we are looking for a partner that challenges us and mirror that makes us a better version of ourselves. Below are the seven major aspects that are used in Astrology to understand the synastry between a pair.⁠

  1. CONJUNCT 0° – The Conjunct aspect is when you are the same sign as your partner and gives an energy of self-recognition. Conjunct relationships may find it easy to disappear into their own world which seems effortless at first but can backfire in the future. This aspect must create independence in their union for this relationship to work.⁠
  2. SEMISEXTILE 30° – The Semisextile aspect is when you are one sign apart and can initially be met with resistance and variance. These couples may feel jealous or intimidated by each other’s differences. This aspect must learn that it is not a competition, and instead be supportive and complimentary of one another.⁠
  3. SEXTILE 60° – The Sextile aspect is when you are two signs apart from your partner’s and gives a vibe of friendship and communication. Vanquishing a Sextile relationship is all about understanding that your partner’s way of doing things is equally as important as your own, even if they are incredibly different. There will be a lot of enthusiasm when this couple finds out the many things that they have in common. However, because of their many commonalities, thing can seem a bit monotonous and predictable.
  4. SQUARE 90° – The Square aspect is when you are three signs away from your significant other and creates a tricky, competitive, and vigorous atmosphere. The feel of this relationship usually leaves one or both partners needing more from the other. They will both need to be very conscientious not to unload their negativity on each other in fear of coming off the wrong way. There is so much to learn from this aspect, but it must be done in a supportive and constructive manner.
  5. TRINE 120° – The Trine aspect puts you are your lover four signs apart and brings synchronization and comfort to your union. These relationships are effortless and enjoyable. You love to be around each other, and naturally vibe together. Throughout Astrological teachings, you will learn that this is the most favored of aspects when in a love relationship. However, because the energy is so easygoing, it can become lazy.
  6. QUNCUNX 150° – The Quincunx aspect is when you are five Sun Signs away and will bring correction, experiences, and conciliation to your relationship. The Quincunx combination feels bizarre because these two have very little in common Astrologically. To make this work, both partners need to be a Karmically developed version of themselves which is why these combinations usually work better when they are in the later years of their lives, or if both have gained philosophical knowledge in life.
  7. OPPOSITE 180° – The Opposite aspect is when you are six places away on the Karmic Wheel giving one another a new viewpoint, differences, and stability in your partnership. The tendency of Opposites is to go to push each other’s boundaries. If you want this relationship to work, you will both need to find compromise in your divergences. These two will have a strong attraction and gratitude to one another like magnets due to their polarizing personalities.

An excerpt from my book coming in November 2022


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