Mars Enters Sagittarius 2021

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Mars in Sagittarius = Mars in Big Picture Mode. Mars is not in domicile, exaltation, detriment, or fall in the sign of the Archer. However, it is ascertained to Jupiter in this Sun Sign. From an elemental standpoint, air fuels fire making this transit extra hot. The pace of Mars in Sagittarius is filled with a big -pictured movement. Mars is naturally intoxicating to Air signs and the Mutable signs. Between now and January 24, Mars will make plenty of courageous moves, openminded progress, and manifestations filled with optimism. It will feel seamless to move between realms of influence or various topographies when Mars is in Sagittarius thanks to its Jupiterian quality. Everything will feel bigger and better moving at a galloping speed and the theme will be thought provoking focus. Flexibility and spontaneity will be abroad, and closemindedness will not be welcome. ⁠

“Mars in rules energy, physical stamina, and motivation. Mars reveals how we act out our sexual impulses, passions, challenges, and masculine sexual expression. Mars (Ares in Greek mythology) is the God of war.  He was regarded as “the father of the Romans”.  Many soldiers worshiped Mars and prayed to him for a successful battle. Mars also represents bodily energy and how one acts and reacts in situations.” =- An excerpt from my book “Sun Signs in Love” coming November 2022.


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