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Today the planet of transmission moves into introspective Capricorn until January 2. Mercury in Capricorn brings a sense of seriousness regarding the way we think, speak, and communicate. We are going from the grand and bold energy of the Archer to grounding and realistic energy of the Sea Goat. This cycle is laced with motivation and making plans. This comes at a perfect time as we enter the New Year. There is a clear track to 2021— all you must do is step forward.⁠

Mercury is not in domicile, exaltation, detriment, or fall in the sign of Capricorn. However, whenever Mercury is operating in an Earth sign, the planet of communication tends to slow down and compartmentalize. Mercury in Capricorn relishes in engaging with the physical world in a strong, purposeful way. It provokes powerful focus on the practical which gives us the ability to perceive tangible construction to make real achievements.


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