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This eclipse marks the end of a cycle that began in early June 2020, when the first eclipse in Sagittarius took place. This communicative and philosophical cycle began back in May 2020 when the nodes moved into Sagittarius and Gemini and will officially be over on January 18, 2022, when the south node leaves Sagittarius and the north node leaves Gemini moving into Taurus and Scorpio, ending an 18-month tour and beginning a new one.

The astrology of this eclipse is about an ending of a chapter giving us a chance to take our lessons over the last year and a half and leaving the rest behind. New moon eclipses are an opportunity wipe the slate clean and start a new chapter. This eclipse takes place very closely to Mercury in Sagittarius which flavors this dark Moon with optimism and hope. It is time to free ourselves to what does not serve our spirituality. With the Moon illuminating dark parts of your mind that cannot be ignored any longer, it is either time to repair or release. Use this magic to look at the bigger picture of the message that this vortex will deliver.


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