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Today we have our third and final Saturn and Uranus Square. This is very much a transit that regards to the collective, and it will come with shared swings, twists, and turns that will conclude the most important set of planetary movement in which influenced us throughout the year. The first transit was on February 17th, and that week brought us record snow in the Pacific Northwest, bitter below zero windchills in the upper Midwest, avalanches in the Rockies, unusual ice paired with freezing rain and snow on the East Coast, and a deadly tornado in North Carolina – all within a few days.⁠ Texas also suffered a major power crisis, which came about as a result of three severe winter storms. On June 14, we had the second of three uncomfortable squares where Saturn was retrograde at 13° Aquarius, and Uranus was at 13° Taurus. During this week and much of the summer we had terrible droughts caused by a record-breaking heat dome. The US experienced record-breaking natural disasters in 2021, and I continue to believe that this set of transits are using these disasters as a wake-up call to bring our attention to the global warming crisis.

As I write this, there are already devastating things taking place with our weather such as the F3 tornado that took the lives of 12 people in Bowling Green Kentucky, along with severe winter storms in the Midwest and South on December 10. Saturn and Uranus have been within orb all year, and will continue to stay that way into 2022, but they will never meet again. In many ways, a set of transits like this is like a book with a beginning middle and an end. When we see an exact transit like this, we should expect its energy to spike and release which will call for further revolution. The culmination of this energy will force us to examine the issues that are desperate for our action and attention. In 2022 we will still be influenced by what this square has set in motion in 2021, the true outcome will become part of our reality now.

This outcome is not that something will suddenly happen, though Uranus does love a good shock. Whether the outcome will be a positive or a negative one it depends on how well we as the collective have integrated the lessons of the first two squares. Uranus is experienced as a neutral and only becomes negative when you do not take its lessons and integrate them into your life. Saturn is a malefic, therefore its lessons tend to be harsh yet necessary. They are both teacher planets that we must learn from. We must take care of our planet because it is screaming for our attention.


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