Saturn Return

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Is there something you should be cognizant of during your Saturn return? Well, most experience three Saturn returns in their lifetime and the first one is usually the hardest. The initial one takes place as Saturn returns to the Zodiac sign that you were born in due to the fact that Saturn changes signs every 2ish to 3ish years. This is a mark and a time in your life that creates an incredulous amount of upheaval which is uncomfortable, yet completely necessary. Breakups, marriages, switching careers, moving to a new city are all things that are majorly Saturn return themes. What you should expect, what it represents, and how to make the most out of this transit really depends on your natal chart and what house Saturn is in as well as which planets Saturn makes aspects to. However, you should expect a full-blown reckoning and you will have no choice but to support it – this is your Quarter Life Crisis.

It is normal to feel confused and overwhelmed because this is so personal in the way it affects you. You could feel like your responsibilities become so heavy during this time, but it is strengthening you for the future. If you are living your life in a way that is inauthentic to your soul, like if you are in a toxic relationship or a dead-end job, you just need to honor the voice inside of you. If your heart is screaming for change, you need to listen to it. While taking a leap of faith can be scary, and growing up is even more terrifying, Saturn is asking you to do the work to be true to yourself. Saturn asks for hard work, diligence, and patience. He is not asking for you to take short cuts and quick fixes over these next few years. If you have inner turmoil that is bubbling up, Saturn will no longer allow you to ignore the issue causing the unrest.  Saturn is asking you to grow up and be mature and responsible in your decision making.


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