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This year is going to be all about resourcefulness and the stars back that up. Since we have seen a shift from the outer planets moving from Capricorn to Aquarius, a new way of living has presented itself. Pluto is the last one hanging on in Capricorn, but that too will come to an end in a few short years. Venus and Mars have retrograde cycles this year with a theme of battling through the tough times rather than throwing love to the wind. Jupiter is moving into its domicile of Pisces which will remove restrictions letting us break free. It then moves into courageous Aries and will call us to action. 2022 is asking us to continue to heal and grow while supporting the new abnormal in the most positive way you can. With the Nodes also moving into Taurus and Scorpio, we will see a theme of old systems breaking down for good and new ones stepping in. Get ready for some major ingenuity – 2022 is ready to work its magick.


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