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Today the planet of love and harmony goes retrograde at 26° in the Zodiac sign of longevity and perseverance until January 29. This retrograde will be especially powerful because Venus is conjunct karmic Pluto. The energy of this transit will feel yin, but without the dark we are unable to find the curative and healing light love needs. During this reversal an underlying theme may reappear, an old lover could resurface, or a wound from the past could be reopened. Whatever it is, the theme will be focused on Capricorn love themes like future plans, structure, responsibility, loyalties, and commitment to family.

Retrogrades are ideal for introspection, and Venus only does this once every 18 months. Survival tip: Think of the prefix “re-” when planning the best use of a retrograde. Review, reunite, reconnect, research. Retrogrades aren’t the best times to begin something new, but they can be stellar phases for tying up loose ends or giving a stalled mission a second chance. My husband and I reconnected during a Venus Retrograde and got engaged three months later, so not all things that happen during this jaunt are a negative!

The great news is that Venus retrograde comes with excellent lucidity. Once you realize what you need to do and what Venus’ message is for you, it is then just a matter of doing the work and staying true to YOU. Pluto will make things feel serious and dark, but with Capricorn in steady Capricorn it is time to get serious. Are you ready for a next step, are you ready to leave, are you ready to open your heart back up again, are you ready to do the hard work of healing to make your love life better? Start to make the appropriate adjustments now so that when Venus is direct, you will be able to both give and receive the love you are looking for.


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