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Today Mercury goes retrograde at 10° Aquarius until February 3. Static Mercury is square Uranus in Taurus which is also activating the Saturn-Uranus square transit that has been manipulating the negative energy through the collective during 2021. Throughout this retrograde there will be significant revelations and surprises about themes which are connected to the Saturn Uranus square. Just when we feel like we are starting to move forward into a brighter year, this retrograde will make us feel like we are taking steps backwards into 2021 . There will be some modifications and new viewpoints being deemed, but what we must remember is that while Mercury is retrograde we should not believe that whatever is being decided is final but rather use this as a time to review the information being presented before getting upset about it. This is not the ultimate objective but rather a time to listen, learn, and wait to make any moves. Therefore, when Mercury goes direct our eyes will be open to truths that have been overlooked in the past. This is how Astrology can be used to ease anxiety through retrogrades, because us stargazers know how to use this chaotic energy to our advantage.


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