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Today we have our first New Moon at 12° Capricorn which is full of grounding Supermoon magick. This dark lunar energy is part of a Capricorn stellium which reinforces our movement towards renewal and starts us on our way through the new year. This New Moon in the sign of the Sea Goat positively aspects Uranus in Taurus giving us all of the strength and determination that these steadfast Earth signs have to offer making this Moon an excellent time to set your intentions for 2022. The universe is encouraging us to set audacious and intentional ambitions. The soil is fertile, so all you need to do is plant the seeds and water the soil. Keep a notebook handy to write down whatever Uranus throws into your mind over the next few days. The stars will be speaking your destiny to you, so listen closely and believe in yourself no matter how big your dream is. Your New Year’s manifestations will start to take root if you can focus on what want to accomplish between now and June. You will need to put in the work, but if you do you will harvest your rewards under the Capricorn Full Moon. Setting intentions with purpose of power will lead to amazing results.


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