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Today, Jupiter goes retrograde at 8° Aries. When Jupiter changes direction, it is felt throughout the collective. Jupiter rules our philosophies, ambitions, and our greatest reason for living. When Jupiter makes its annual reverse, we are summoned to take a step back and reassess the big picture of our motives to make sure our intentions are in the right place.

Jupiter in Aries pauses for no one, so when forced to take a step back and slow down it can be a difficult shift. Aries as a sign is audacious, individual, brassy, blatant, and instant. The ram rarely looks back, preferring to move forward. A shadow side of this archetype is burning everything in its path and not taking the time to realize the effects it leaves in its trail. However, this transit will force the great benefic to initiate a contemplation period of what has happened since it entered this prime sign on May 10, and what it can do better once it re-enters it on December 20.


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