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On July 31, 2022, we receive the transit we have all been waiting for: an exact North Node-Uranus conjunction at 18° Taurus. This transit only takes place once every 13 years and will never happen again in this sun sign in our lifetime. This fateful conjunction is furthermore powered by Mars at 17° Taurus, adding major power to this union.⁠

Uranian transits always bring a sense of hope and electricity, so when it activates the Node of Destiny, we should anticipate unforeseen fates. It gives us an exciting flash into the future and brings us something that was meant for us of which we were yet aware. The North Node specifically pushes us towards experiences, openings, and people that provide our ultimate opportunity into our future. When this transit delivers you a message, it is imperative to trust the universe and allow it to take you down the path of what is meant to be yours.⁠

The best way to work with this radical energy is to not plan or expect anything, but to pay attention to what is calling you. Keep your eyes and heart open to what is meant for you and allow it to flow freely to drive you to your destiny.⁠


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